VOTE For Justice

About the campaign

Vision for Justice is mobilizing around the urgent need for a new paradigm of public safety. But to realize this vision, we need to vote for it.

That’s why we launched the Vote for Justice campaign. The Leadership Conference Education Fund, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and Civil Rights Corps are building a community of justice voters who will support a transformative justice policy agenda and hold accountable officials who share this vision. When we vote for justice, we help dismantle a status quo that is destroying lives, families, and communities. Voting in local, state, and federal elections helps us achieve a new paradigm of public safety that honors the rights, dignity, and humanity of all people.

For democracy to work, it must include all of us. Our vote is our tool to shape the kind of country we want for all, one with a criminal-legal system that centers justice and humanity over state violence and criminalization. Together, we can get informed on the issues that matter most to our communities, hold leaders accountable to supporting policies that fulfill our vision for justice, and make the promise of America real for all.


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